Remember folding home application on the Playstation 3? Applications that use the game console to help solve some rather unpleasant disease, as long as you do not play?

Well, Australian scientists at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research new Android-application that offers a similar promise for your smartphone.

If your phone is connected and charged at least 95% of the battery overnight, the application will start in DreamLab mechanism, downloading and a small part of the solution of the problem of cancer research with no effort on your part.

The idea is that by bringing together thousands – if not millions -. Broken smartphones across the country, the Institute will be able to help solve complex problems in the field of cancer research is much faster than before

Data for Science

to the omnipresent fear of exceeding the quota of data is almost universally for Australians, most DreamLab biggest hurdle facing the application is one of the challenges of data.

Fortunately, the app offers users the limits on how much data an application can consume each month, as your mobile network and WiFi.

Moreover, thanks to a three-year association with the Vodafone Foundation, Vodafone has Unmetered data used by the application DreamLab, so it will not rely on manual data Vodafone customer.

You can download the free application DreamLab here.