Bad news for fans of online shopping – July 1, 2017, all foreign purchases of goods and services will be subject to GST, with a minimum threshold fell from $ 1,000 to $ 0.

This step will impact on all purchases from international retailers like Amazon, Etsy and stacks, which according to the Government will create a more level playing field for local retailers .

This decision follows the steps to add GST digital services such as Netflix and a couple of , which was announced in May.

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[19459002ne] While treasurers agreed to waive the threshold to $ 0, there is no official word yet on how the government will actually use the expanded tax, nor how many it will actually cost to implement.

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey has confirmed that the tax authorities will be visiting international companies, like Amazon, to encourage them to register for the GST.

According to News , modeling of Retail Council argues that the move to lower the threshold of GST should see the addition of $ 1 billion for the first year.

The question is, how many additional fees will be passed on consumers.