Itching to get your hands on Contana IOS? You could soon be in luck. Microsoft will begin sending the preliminary version of Cortana IOS application for beta testers.

According to the report ZDNet, some survey respondents Microsoft Insiders sent a request for interest on Cortana firmware get the download link via e-mail “in the coming weeks.”

Testers must be located in the United States. Cortana the SPE is expected to go live before the end of 2015. However, given how late in the testing process should start, the timing seems a bit late.

What you get

If you are a Apple, which never used Cortana, you can count on the traditional features such as the ability to search for static information, such as weather or Phone contact or you can use it to automate tasks, such as starting an email to a friend.

Cortana Recent events have made the system more intelligent, which allows you to scan your e-mails automatically to track flights and deliveries, and offer exclusive discounts on Windows 10 users who sit on the part of retail websites.

application will be external to the firmware, so it will not be integrated into the operating system Windows, the path 10 is integrated in Microsoft Mobile phone production, or the path for Windows 10 is integrated into the Windows-based PC. So it will be interesting to see what the function limitation IOS users will encounter once the application goes live.

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