When Uber announced in March last year that it had arrived in Pakistan for a long time, it really did not need to introduce itself to the locals. The word Uber has become synonymous with fun in many of the 500 cities that operate around the world. There is also the fact that over the past year it has raised $ 4.6 billion. Worth more than 62.5 billion US dollars, is the world’s most famous “unicorn.”

So what was Uber doing in Pakistan since last year’s launch in Lahore? Let us find out.

As of December 2016, the company worked with more than 6,000 drivers and provided more than 235,000 riders a month. Some other statistics, including 87% of passengers had to wait less than 10 minutes to find a Uber. What’s the hottest time? 8.00 p.m, when all the food lovers and tired professionals emerged from the office one day after recovery.

It is important to note that Uber provides people with a very respectable way to earn a living. The times are tough and it is surprising that 75% of the Uber drivers who work with the platform to supplement their main salary.

Here is a handy overview of Uber’s monthly performance since its debut in Pakistan.


Uber launched in Pakistan, Lahore is one of the world’s first launch of the Uber city, choose to pay in cash – in response to market demand. Uber also worked with Rabbt to provide drivers with sexual harassment training as part of their boarding.


Uber Pakistan and PTIB sign a milestone MoU is committed to developing technology that will bring extra security and convenience to Lahoris while creating more economic opportunities for individuals, small and medium-sized businesses.


Uber launched uberGO in Karachi and signed a memorandum of understanding with the government and the Ministry of Transport of Sindh to work together to bring technology into the transport space. MoU is Uber’s first in the Middle East and North Africa and Pakistan. Mahira Khan is the city’s rider zero. Like Lahore, all drivers must pass compulsory sexual harassment training.


Uber launched the first “Uber AUTO” in Lahore with base fares of Rs 45 and Rs 4, making the Uber technology more suitable for riders and drivers throughout the city.


Uber Pakistan and Punjab Bank signed a milestone memorandum of understanding to provide economic opportunities for Apna Rozgar program customers through Uber technology. 50,000 individuals currently participating in the program will be introduced to the Uber platform and will be able to benefit from the flexibility, additional revenue and entrepreneurial opportunities available through Uber’s work.
Uber AUTO also came to Karachi in November and met the absolute positive demands of rickshaw drivers and riders.


The Sindh government issued the first round of sharing route permits to Uber drivers.

What is great for applications such as Uber is the way they reveal details about our traffic habits. The New Year is a perfect example. The Uber offers some interesting facts about drivers in Lahore and Karachi on New Year’s Eve.

In Lahore, a party party animal rides 15 (!!!) ride throughout the evening. 184 people
Almost started the wrong foot of the new year, arrived just 9 minutes before the fireworks began. 176 people use the “Share Status” button to ensure that their family and friends are, indeed, on their way. The most impressive fact is that 91% of the rides in Lahore and 96% of the rides in Karachi are in normal charge. Despite the busy time of the year, for a small number of riders, a waste of pricing.

Uber is well suited to cash payments in the Pakistani market, with special attention to safety and sexual harassment training, and we hope that they will continue to do so in our country not only for their growth but also for the benefit of the masses.

To cover it, it was a great year for drivers and Uber. The company has big plans for Pakistan, and we can not wait to see what 2017 brings to us.