It is a humorous factor: Smartwatches are meant to be the far more obtainable alternate to your smartphone, but you can function a cell phone with one hand, while the watch can take two. Luckily for us, Dartmouth researchers are on the situation, and have engineered a way to use your wrist as a sort of joystick, enabling you to use your smartwatch one-handed.

It is a extremely hacky task this is not some tailor made application operating on an Apple Observe. Xing-Dong Yang and his colleagues designed their very own smartwatch with a 2″ screen, a wristband and a dozen infrared proximity sensors. The WristWhirl prototype is basically duct-taped together.


The proximity sensors monitor how far away the bits of your hand are, collating that facts into a larger sized photograph of the position of your wrist. This facts is despatched quickly to the watch, the place it drives a digital cursor. Tilting your hand down moves the cursor down, and so on.

Tilt in a pattern to launch or change applications, scroll up and down and participate in online games, all without making use of that 2nd hand of yours. And it only detects gestures when you want it to: a further sensor detects the sound designed when you tap your thumb and index finger together (!), which turns the recognition software program on and off.