WordPress party is to Lahore on the 19th. WordPress big country in the world nearly 25% of the site. What started as a simple blog publishing software has now become a news portal, e-commerce stores, community, forums, and almost any type of website imaginable application framework that can be used to create a personal website.

Although the demand is WordPress specific sites over time, you need professional help create a WordPress site is increased. Therefore, there are hundreds of WordPress-related jobs posted on like freelancer.com, UpWork, Fiverr and other freelance platform to become a lucrative industry for aspiring developers and freelancers.

Take notice WordPress professionals in Pakistan

WordPress users from around the world organize local events and gatherings in their own cities. These events are a good place for beginners to communicate and learn with other WordPress users.

Mohammed Kashif, experienced experts in the development of WordPress, WordPress has organized two successful gathering in Lahore.

WordPress third party, which Adeel Haider and Muhammad Kashif Abubakar is co-organized together, is set to take place in Lahore this week, everyone can participate.

Participants can connect with other industry professionals or just learn WordPress is how to make their lives.

WordPress starting point of the party, which subsequently led to an official event called WordPress WordCamps. These events are supported by WordPress official foundation. Target party organizers in Pakistan is to pave the way for large-scale event WordCamp Pakistan.

WordPress gathering details

What is it

An event, participants will have the opportunity to learn and interact with other WordPress professionals, developers, and blog.
It has a speaker who are freelancers and WordPress developers make their living out of the future list of WordPress
Who can join

WordPress programmers
Web Development
WordPress novice / learner
Blogger, writer
Designer, Photographer
SEO Expert
Timing and location

Time: Saturday, December 19, 3:00 pm
Location: Alpha Karim Software Technology Park, Lahore