Microsoft has announced that the new preview of Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016 are out now are opening containers in Windows ecosystem .

Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 3 and System Center 2016 Technical Preview 3 are both ready to download now with the arrival of Windows Server Containers to allow administrators to check them out.

“You” ve probably seen the momentum building around the container technology as a new approach to simplify application development and deployment. We are committed to making containers of modern application platform available to our clients in 2016 a wave of datacenter solutions, “read the release.

In addition to container, Microsoft has also added a number of new options for the server functionality Nano, what to build on what is available in the Technical Preview 2 and software defined networking capabilities also give uplift.

Secure left and TP3 includes updated build some of the innovations coming security following this issue. The TP3 you can also check the virtual machine creation shielded from the template, signed and look into the new node Guard service (CSI). For those who do not know, the HGS allows administrators to define the legitimate owners.

next year

speaking administrators, and reconstruction in the aspect of management of the two platforms includes a variety of enhancements that make it easier to manage capabilities, which will play a decisive role in Windows Server 2016 . Microsoft also released the Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 10 client that allows remote management of Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview, Windows Server 2012, R2 and Windows Server 2012.

Microsoft remains on track to launch Windows Server 2016 To some point in the next year, and so far it has not been able to work out exactly when that might be.