The term “name server” refers specifically to the server that hosts the DNS zone file. When the end user to access a domain name, DNS lookup first checks the domain, which indicates the name of the server checks for a specific DNS record for the domain server. All DNS zones HostGator host server, and can be used as the domain name server, you can use our domain name server to host your DNS settings.

Where can I find my HostGator name server?
If you do not know what HostGator domain name server should be the domain name for your site, you can find your HostGator welcome email within the required information. Shared hosting customers can also find their own lists its HostGator cPanel in the name of the server.
Option 1: In your welcome email
Although the type of account you have HostGator, when you register a virtual host name of the server that will contain your hosting account are listed and send welcome email. On all sites using these name servers can be hosted on your HostGator web hosting account.

Option 2: In your cPanel (shared Web host cPanel account information Sectionting only)137
For shared hosting plans, such as hatching, baby or business plan, you can also see if your name server in your cPanel.

Required default theme
If you are using the default HostGator (HG) theme, then your domain name server will be listed at the bottom of the left column of the account information panel (see example image).

How to change the default theme

If you are not using cPanel default theme, you need to temporarily switch to HG topic to see the name server.

See our cPanel style changes in the article, if you need to change to HG style. You can always revert to the style you like, once you find your domain name server.