Webvanta Blog: Creating Effective Websites WebvantIn the past year or so, responsive web design has been constructed on a desktop computer phones and tablets work well, as well as leading technology website. Construction site increased the adaptive web designers and developers with new challenges. You need to consider how the column shift and shrink with changes in screen size, as well as how to scale the image. User interface components, such as navigation bars, labels and carousel must also adapt to different screen sizes.a Blog: Creating Effective Websites Using Bootstrap to Build Responsive Websites with Ease

Using Bootstrap to Build Responsive Websites with Ease Image

Fortunately, you do not need to start from scratch inferred it all. Two years ago, Twitter open source company to redesign its website to create a framework, and named it as a guide. Now, in the third edition, the guide is a donation of thousands of hundreds of developers results. It is a modern website a good starting point.

Guide provides more than just a good response framework. It also includes a set of clean user interface controls, such as navigation and labels; an icon library; excellent layout and table layout; and a set of JavaScript components, you can provide the appropriate HTML, without writing a single line of JavaScript code just use.

We’ve just released a new Webvanta SmartTheme based on bootstrap 3, making it drop-dead simple to launch a new site using the guide. The new SmartTheme also uses the latest best practices using Webvanta platform, we recommend it for all new Webvanta based website.

Here is a simple example of the idea of ​​the site to give you what’s included. To create your own, simply register for a free trial site.

Eager to learn more about how to use Bootstrap to create leading-edge sites with less work that ever before?Watch the replay of our webinar, Building Responsive Websites with the Bootstrap 3 Framework.

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