If you want to experience the same operating system available on the Lumia 950 and 950 smartphones XL Microsoft, now you can upgrade to Windows Mobile Build 10 10586.

The operating system, which, in essence, Windows mobile device, pre-assembly, which can be accessed by members of the slow insider Ring program for Windows. The same was made available for assembly Fast Insiders Ring earlier this week.

Build 10586 features a few minor bug fixes, including the resolutions of the problems with the Start menu, which caused some interfaces to be damaged by modernization and the continuing problems with the physical button on the camera should now be fixed device.

Windows Mobile 10

Build 10586 is probably the last preliminary version for Windows, before 10 Mobile officially introduced. However, Microsoft also makes a Windows 10 desktop operating system, Windows Mobile 10 will continue to be updated and tweaked throughout the life of the software.

This tactic allows Microsoft, to push the small but necessary updates to users without requiring users to download and install the entire operating system from scratch.

Before upgrading to a new build, Microsoft warns Insiders to back up their phones. This is necessary because the error that occurred during the previous assembly file caused the phone to be partially damaged after the user performs a reset operation in accordance with Microsoft.

So when it’s gonna be?

It seems strange that Microsoft will introduce two new mobile devices running the new operating system without declaring the operating system is complete. Nevertheless, it was a series of mixed messages from Microsoft, when it comes to Windows 10 Mobile.

Mobile Windows 10 initially rumored to be generally available in September, but several delays pushed the rumored release date in November. However, recent reports indicate the operating system can not achieve the mass to December.

Therefore, do not hang tight until next month, but do not be surprised if the 2016 release of the final decision in this ongoing saga.

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