Want to stay up to date on the latest developments on the Microsoft Office 2016? Now you can join the test program Insider, which will give you access to new features and updates before their general release.

The Insider, which is similar to Windows, view building, allows Microsoft’s feedback on the performance of his set, he is testing new applications and tools. Your feedback will help Microsoft develop and customize the product before it becomes available to the public.

The program is available only to Windows, Windows Mobile and Android users, but the software is specially designed for Mac users to work in accordance with Microsoft.

Hub Community

Another aspect of the program is the insider community portal that allows to discuss (and argue) about Office 2016 do not like the interface? Let the community know. Want Microsoft has developed a new application? Crowdsource your ideas with other insiders.

Only the Office 365 clients have access to the Insider program. Nevertheless, the Office 365 business users can gain access to a similar program, choosing to Office 365 was first released.

About Office 2016

was released

Office 2016 in September. New features include collaborative editing desktop versions Word, PowerPoint and OneNote, as well as the integration of Skype in the annex.

As was the case with Windows, Microsoft Office 2016 updates made mandatory for users. All updates Office will automatically download and install in the background without any loopholes available to users.

Program Management 2016 Insider allows to have an opinion about what these updates will appear before the arrival Download.

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