John Legend posted this picture with his hoverboard PhunkeeDuck account Instagram.

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weeks after saying it expected hoverboards be “hot holiday gift,” even “as hot as in the scooter Razor”, Walmart is the support from trendy gadgets, telling Buzzfeed News today he “probably would not” offer self-balancing Scooters this holiday season.

“This is definitely something we are looking at is definitely something we want to provide our customers, but we probably will not have it for the holiday season,” said Jaeme Laczkowski, a representative of Walmart .com. When asked if he has to deal with the patent battle over the device, she said: “I would not tie it to that. That is one reason, of course, but we look at all the factors. There are many factors that go into deciding how it. “

Holiday buzz building around hoverboards, again popular, not soaring devices that also go for” self-balancing scooter “and” hands-free Segways “. But with the continuing patent battle for the device, it looks like very few major retailers will carry them this holiday season sales. Currently, they are mostly available through independent sellers through Amazon and Shopify mall kiosks and even at the starting price of about $ 270 goes up to $ 2,000.

Toys R Us is one of the few major networks, which will carry a toy this holiday season online and potentially in some stores, telling Buzzfeed News this week that he will sell hoverboards “, which follow the original patent in our ongoing partnership with Mark Cuban companies. “The Cuban recently signed an agreement that will give him an exclusive license to a US patent on a” two-wheel self-balancing personal vehicle. “

Walmart, the largest retailer in the world, told Buzzfeed news last month that would sell hoverboard on its website in the United States time for the holiday season, which typically begins on November 1, and possibly even earlier, depending on negotiations with suppliers. At the time, he said he “bought deep at this point, because our buyers expect that this will be a hot holiday gift. “Subsequently, Cuba said the retailer” for a nightmare “if it imports the boards that are not manufactured company whose patent license he recently bought.

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Walmart is not alone in the transfer hoverboards: RadioShack said it will not carry them this season, while Best Buy, on October 21, was unable to say whether or not to sell the product

Target went back and forth on their plans electronically exchange with Buzzfeed news this week, before saying that it will sell the device on Cyber ​​Monday, the next to “have a change of direction – the goal will not be offering a hoverboard in this holiday season, “A few hours later, the company has followed to say.” We are still working within the framework of plans and looking to carry them on the Internet. Just nothing concrete to share at this point “

Retail mess on hoverboards can be the result of problems with the supplier, patent issues, or even a lack of demand -. Be the devices will not be a great success for? the holiday season is expected to

However, the BBC quoted technology journalist this month in particular on hoverboards, saying: “There’s probably a long way to go before its peak – at the moment it’s mainly a lot hipsters riding around and bump into each other. The sweet spot when it is £ 200, and Toys R Us for Christmas. ”

This holiday season may be the sweet spot.

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