If you’re a Virgin Media consumer with the latest Super Hub 3, here’s some undesirable information – the router is allegedly open up to getting strike by a very low-bandwidth denial-of-provider (DoS) assault which could completely clog up your connection.

This is all for the reason that of Intel’s Puma six chipset which powers the Super Hub 3 – and other routers, which are also open up to abuse, by the way – which is susceptible to a straightforward DoS assault, offering the destructive party launching claimed assault is aware your IP tackle.

The kicker listed here is that even a small amount of traffic will bathroom down your world-wide-web connection, so any attacker – pretty substantially irrespective of how sluggish their connection is – can muster a volley of DoS hearth with ample bandwidth to choose out your world-wide-web provider.

According to ISPreview, reports claim that even a meagre 1Mbps DoS assault will bump up the latency on your connection by about 20ms, triggering a amount of peaks and packet reduction, also.

And if which is doubled up to 2Mbps, you’re wanting at massive problems this kind of as 200ms additional latency and a packet reduction level of about two-thirds. Jack that up further more to 3Mbps, and packet reduction of about eighty five% is created, with factors efficiently turning out to be unusable even for standard surfing (enable by itself online gaming or company videoconferencing, for example).

Downgrade is uncertain

Some impacted shoppers have even contacted Virgin Media to request if they can revert to an older Super Hub to stay clear of this concern (and other flaws), but without the need of any joy by all accounts.

Ideally a firmware fix will be coming, though there is definitely some doubt on the local community community forums about how lengthy it may well choose Intel to deliver a prosperous patch.

As we famous in our assessment of the Super Hub 3, because past calendar year there have been reports of too much lag and packet reduction because of to an concern with the Puma six chipset, and the patch for this is nevertheless a work in development.

All in all, Intel’s chipset is triggering all sorts of grief for some bad Virgin Media shoppers.

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