Google Webmaster Tools is a gold mine of marketing and content sectors, data generation, which will help you to create an intelligent array of search engine optimization activities.

Even if you already use Google Analytics, you need to webmaster tools. In fact, while I check every day for my site. Analysis looks at who has come to your site, and what they are reading. Webmaster Tools lets you see your website as Google does, and pointed out that crawling, code, or link problems. Differences Analytics (analysis) allows you to collect your current audience data and Webmaster Tools can help you form a strategic activities to bring prospects to attract new audiences.

Webmaster Tools can give you information such as keyword ranking data, insight, based on keywords, and even Google the original statistical traffic trends. These data are easy to download, so you can manipulate it to analyze trends and looking for opportunities.

Before you begin, verify that you are a site owner. This is a simple process that if you are already using Google Analytics or sponsored by “approved” providers, Godaddy easier.

Once you verify, log in and follow the waiting began to explore a wealth of data.

1. Search queries:

Search queries section shows the current and average keyword ranking, as well as organic search impressions and click-through rate (CTR) for each keyword.


If you are looking for trends, toggle “With the change” to see how your SEO performance over time, it looks like this:


Analysis of the search query operation, provides an opportunity to see what keywords your fingertips (ie Google rank page 2) or how a particular set of keywords are some efforts to influence the ranking and click-through rate.

2. Transport mode

In addition to the top search queries, resulting in the average position of the user to your site, Google Webmaster Tools also provides a personal web page on your site, including the average position in the blog post. This allows you to identify the data of several valuable advice:

  • What’s the best and worst ranking
  • Each page content CTR
  • With great CTR, but low average position content

Advanced adjust meta content description on the label, to get a better CTR and focus on link building, it is not very good ranking boost content search ranking position high average CTR.


These data are great to determine what type of content or topics get the most traffic and best search engine rankings. For example, if a video blog or interview always get the most traffic, production and distribution is adjusted to more people your content strategy.

If the disputed or compelling blog post title translated into more exposure and higher click-through rate, make a special effort with your content strategy more provocative.

3. Insights Keyword

When a specific keyword optimization (which typically includes industry-related products and services specific keyword), view the search by individual keyword query, we found that the site page ranking highest for the keyword. To view the data, simply click on the “search query” keyword in the table.


Use this information to find out which pages Google has been considered the most relevant in your website for each keyword. As a best practice site search engine optimization, then you can further optimize these pages and strategically choose to focus your SEO page.

Google Webmaster Tools also provides a top-level traffic make your web site metrics keywords:


See keywords your most visited pages, and use them in new content or link building activities. Also, make sure the page actually contains all (or natural variations), Google Webmaster Tools is at the top of the report page keyword.

4. Copyright Statistics

Google Webmaster Tools lets you go beyond your website data, since the Google copyright. In the laboratory section, you can view the author statistics to determine your job search is the result of external verification author’s statistics:


This is a recognition of your article is to get the most views and a good way to stand in search rankings and click-through rate of. You will start to see ideas for your site other content.

For example, if you write a Hot Jobs Huffington Post’s former productivity applications, an application on the site after the rounding up or series may have interest as well. This is especially the case if a similar post to get more, you contribute a high traffic website / show.

5. Site Speed indicators

Site speed is becoming Google’s ranking algorithm increasingly important factor. There is evidence from a mobile device, which is the importance of site speed future development direction of Google, when a strong indication visit Google’s algorithm hummingbird speed further priority sites, particularly Yes.
August 16, 2013, search engine optimization professional network strategist Matt Storm on Google+ revealed Google Webmaster Tools allows users to track Googlebot download time. This is ideal for testing the speed at the page level, get straight from the horse’s mouth indicators (Google). After To do this, go to “crawl” menu, followed by “taking like Google.” Then, enter your URL, then click the “Get.” A minute or so, Google will show the loading speed of your site.


What less than 500 milliseconds is acceptable. But the user above the mark, and the patient will start to leave your site. Because WordPress has become more popular as a CMS, WordPress specific hosting is becoming common and popular service offerings, it has been proven to increase the speed of the site, according to WPExplorer.

In Conclusion:

Through their search queries, keyword analysis, authorship of data, and site speed indicator, Google Webmaster Tools can give you, you need to maximize your detailed data search engine optimization activities. Its variation with time tracking Insights to your efforts, as well as how to further improve the effectiveness of their capabilities.