Update: Facebook has now confirmed TechRadar, that the Android-version of the desktop, and eventually will – but there is no time framework just yet.

Facebook has announced a new way to share your number one jams on the iPhone today in the form of musical history. A new feature, built for use IOS Facebook, allow you to send songs and artists on your News Feed supplemented with preview function and shortcuts to buy or stream music.

“People will learn about [music] by artists and friends, and they love to share their discoveries,” said Michael Cerda, director of product in [19459007zayavlenii]. “Today we have to better music discovery and sharing on Facebook.”

After the introduction of Music Stories allows users to Facebook, to stream 30-second preview of the song, arranged with Spotify, ITunes or Apple Music. From there, the song can be purchased or streamed in full, according to the music service to ensure the comfort of Newsline.

Facebook has plans to expand the Music Stories other platforms, including Android. However, Apple Music and functionality ITunes will almost certainly be missing in these versions. There is also talk about expanding to other music services, but the specifics are not nailed down at this time.

This news comes a day after hearing surfaced Facebook launches its autonomous news app in the near future, with an indication of progress in terms of media giant social to be a one stop shop for online consumption . Unimpeded access to music was also a key element to the recent debut of Google’s YouTube Red , which allows users to transfer music in the background by selecting Ad-Free video or included subscription to Google Play Music.