IOS 9 release date, compatibility and the possibility of

Update : IOS 9.1 The latest version of the mobile operating systems, are now widely available. She brings many fixes and improvements for IOS products. But, Emojis clearly the focus of this update. Scroll down to find a more detailed explanation of all that IOS 9.1 brings.

IOS 9 latest update from Apple, is now available for download to your iPhone and IPad, and it’s something smarter Siri, Apple Maps transit directions, true multitasking and new embedded applications.

IOS 9 officially launched on Wednesday, September 16 and can be downloaded to the device Apple, via the menu software update in the “Settings”, which is that all important air OTC updated.

This is the latest version of the software companies are only ahead of the release date for the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and Ipad Pro, all identified in the September 9 in Keynote.

IOS 9, and IOS 9.1, Improved stability, smaller size and download legacy phone and tablet compatible. This older iPhone and IPad you have to work with this update, if it is running IOS 8.

New features of IOS 9 consist of recycled embedded applications and a few new ones. There’s more multitasking functionality than when s, while the 3D touch and motion wallpaper comes a new iPhone. This will make the new rose gold color iPhone 6S really pop.

iOS 9

iOS 9

iOS Date of Issue 9

September 16, the official IOS 9 release date has been announced at the iPhone 6S date of Apple’s launch event earlier this month, and predicted by us. In the end, it is always available for downloading one or two Wednesdays prior to the release date of the new iPhone.

Of course, it was a public beta is available for all of July, if you subscribe to IOS 9 test and developers to pay compensation immediately after the WWDC. They are the true beta testers three months earlier.

But it is to wait three months was good for most of the “other” people. IOS version 9 beta were errors and incomplete, and some of the best features of the operating system does not not run to the final version, anyway.

The best part is that, although the price of iPhone 6S will be expensive, as always, the update IOS 9 free download and install.

How to download IOS 9 Now

You can get the IOS 9 now through over-the-air update. This means that you do not even need to connect your phone to your computer and download it via ITunes more.

iOS 9

Some experienced FBI 9 Software update failed error messages when connecting to servers Apple, in order to grab the update. Creating a physical USB connection to the ITunes lightning said to help.

There IOS 9.1 public beta version is available for testers and developers, but as the firmware 9, it does not include the same to run Apple, Pay store rewards card program. Here’s how to download the IOS 9 now.

IOS 9 compatibility

IOS 9, is more extensive than in previous versions of IOS. Apple, is the choice to make this update is compatible with the old iPhone, IPAD, and even Ipod Touch devices, too.

iOS 9 compatibility iPhone and iPad

Well, technically it is not more inclusive beyond the immediately launched Ipad mini 4. iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus there to begin next Friday, 25 September, Ipad Pro and land sometime in November. Then the list will grow by three. This will be a total of six, when the air Ipad 3 iPhone 6C and eventually released.

Basically, now, if your hardware works dated IOS 8, it can run IOS 9, and this is good news, as the old phones and tablets do not get muscled out. The iPhone 4S and IPad 2 are safe now, and a few 30-pin docking device to live for another year.

IOS 9.1 update

Before we get into each of the IOS 9 unique features, we will go for his last update, IOS 9.1, which is now available to users of compatible iPhone, IPAD and IPod Touch devices.

iOS 9.1

As you can see from the screenshot above, includes several new Emojis, including the now infamous finger Emoji.

OTA update does improve living photos and includes three space themed wallpaper. Under the hood, Apple has made tweaks to improve performance when multitasking and using the calendar, Game Center, and Mail. Of course, a lot of problems with stability, and errors have been removed as well.

To upgrade your device to iOS 9.1, go to Settings> General> Software Update> Download and install, and follow the instructions on the screen.

iOS 9 siri features

smarter Siri

Siri IOS 9 gets a much-needed intelligence to compete with Google Now. Apple’s personal assistant understands the word “it” in the context of, and proactive measures to bring the operating system.

For example, if you talk about the subject with someone in the IM message and ask Siri “Remind me of the” it “later today,” it will scan open the app and try to understand what “it” means.

IOS 9 proactivity puts even more at your fingertips through Siri. This suggests appointments add to the calendar, and pulls the photos depending on the location and time with the sound of your voice.

location-based knowledge of Siri, it seems the most promising, when you’re out and about. When you connect headphones to the gym? It offers Now Playing interface right on LockScreen.

Connect it to your car? It brings that audiobooks you’ve listened to before. It even tells you when to leave for appointment to the other end of town, a feature that has made Google application for iOS must-have.

“Hey, Siri” issue commands while untethered from the usually-required light cable will be possible, too. However, this feature is only 9 IOS was announced the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

iOS 9 release date

One of the most convenient new firmware 9 signs that give the context of random numbers that call you, diving in your email to see if it can match the numbers . Goodbye, telemarketing -. We hope

Siri already has more than one billion requests per week, in accordance with Apple. This should only grow Now, IOS 9 promises to Siri 40% faster and 40% more accurate.

Apple expands Pay

Apple Pay has been touted as a success for the past 11 months in the United States, and now the iPhone valuable mobile payments platform made its way to UK.

iOS 9 release date and features

iOS 9 release date and features

The Official Apple, Pay United Kingdom July 14 launch was supported by almost 70% credit and debit cards out there, including the Bank of Scotland, HSBC and, more recently, Lloyds Bank and Halifax.

Canada and China then considered for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is a mobile payment platform, but the company did not announce that a broad expansion of just yet.

In the US, Apple, Pay Now backed by 2,500 US banks and, this fall, and a reward in store issued cards will be part of a mobile wallet. This idea we liked Android Pay at Google IO in May.

In view of these newly acquired IOS 9 features Apple renaming of passbook (an application at Apple, where live Pay) Wallet. He also made Apple, Pay the necessary touch fingerprint sensor ID two times faster than before on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

This may be enough to compete with the September 28 launch of Samsung Pay at the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and its other new Android phones that use more elegant magnetic strip technology in addition to the NFC.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps is sometimes unavoidable, even if you are a devotee by Google Maps. Siri and built-in applications are still open in the direction of the default navigation app. That will not change.

iOS 9 maps

The good news is that the IOS 9 Apple Maps is going to do better, and perhaps even tolerable. In its first major update in 2013, the app now includes the long-awaited public transit directions.

This means that the routes for buses, trains, subways, and, yes, even the ferries are part of Apple, Maps. It is currently living in Baltimore, Berlin, Chicago, London, Mexico City, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Bay Area, Toronto and Washington, DC

It is noteworthy that will support areas of 300 cities in China, a huge emerging market for the iPhone, including areas such as Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai.

Just do not expect much more than that to sway you from Google Maps or Waze. Changes in the design of minimal and, as we noted in our articulately IOS 9 review, it clearly needs more UI work, and not just new opportunities.

Apple News app

iOS 9 release date and features

In addition to getting rid of the passbook to purse firmware 9, Apple will replace the Newsstand with the news, and it very familiar if you’re a fan of the magazine-style news aggregators.

News Apple IOS for 9 Flipboard, HTC BlinkFeed Feedly and wrapped in a single application. It offers a personal channel and goes to the United States, Britain and Australia at the start.

Ibid Apple, integration of news outside of this application directly to one of the home screens. Four or five pieces of news appear in the leftmost menu, right under the category of attention, recent contacts and the latest applications. Thus, Apple, mimics the left most menu Flipboard from Samsung, with less style.

There is no telling if all your favorite publishers will wrap their contents in a fresh format News Apple. Some of our favorites are missing. The advantage for you, however, is more than clear: the data remains anonymous, but your ID Apple, according to the company

Multitasking for Ipad

IOS 9 Ipad brings true multi-tasking for Apple. Tablet IPAD, and we are not talking about “multitasking” application switch that premiered with iOS 4 back in 2010

iOS 9 release date and features

IPADS finally be able to handle more than a hefty task performance. Here’s to the delight of corporate users who prefer IOS to personal use, but be forced to opt for surface 3 Pro Microsoft or Android tablet at work.

There are three ways to view the multitasking window on the Ipad. During the presentation brings the second application on the side so you can reply to a text or something to write notes. It’s just as easy to slip away.

iOS 9 release date and features

There is also a special mode of picture-in-picture, which puts FaceTime video calls in a corner of the display when the home button. From there, you can use any other applications while watching video. YouTube Google app for iOS running this same path, at least for this particular application

and slides and picture-in-picture compatible with the new IPADS :. Air Ipad, Ipad 2 Air, Ipad mini mini Ipad 2 and 3. The latter mode, heading is the Ipad 2 and Ipad mini 4 air-only business, but Apple, announced that the Ipad Pro will support all the functionality of multi-tasking, too, when he arrived in November.

iOS 9 release date and features

of this regime, all the fancies, when they hear the word “multitasking”. This allows the two applications must be open side by side, and they are both active at the same time with full multitouch.

Apple is clearly honing user enterprise with its latest features of the tablet and be swayed to buy this new Ipad Pro, which puts them in a better use.

New IOS 9 keyboard

Apple began what he called his “best keyboard yet,” with IOS 8 QuickType, and this one will raise this statement with IOS 9 keyboard.

iOS 9 release date and features

Ipad on-screen keyboard now has a built-in shortcut bar that frames offer the following words on the keys QWERTY-mail. Shorts context and include cut, copy and paste to the left; bold, italic, underline, and the right investments.

This is better than having to hunt for these labels in the second layer in the keyboard menu, and in a surprise move, Apple makes this the default layout is customizable and compatible with third-party applications keyboard.

iOS 9 keyboard

Cursor control is now easier and convenient (or fingery) slide mechanic when using two fingers. It basically turns the keyboard Ipad QuickType in trackpad. This is much easier than hovering over the tiny cursor, trying to land in between the letters.

iOS 9 keyboard

Finally, the labels are coming to the wireless keyboard, so you can interact with applications using its own built-in keyboard shortcuts. Pressing and holding of Command, Option, or Control key brings up the shortcut list.

IOS 9 Wi-Fi problems to fix

Apple also developed a solution for when your Wi-Fi connection is a massive pain. This is called Wi-Fi Assist, and it automatically falls Wi-Fi connection and jumping on your mobile network when it is struggling.

You can turn it off if you are on a limited data package, but it’s a great idea for those who have a spotty Wi-Fi connection and annoyed at having to manually control it.

Under the hood

New opportunities are exciting, and all but 9 IOS needs to work better than IOS 8, which had a number of Wi-Fi and discharge the battery problems from the get-go. Some users still complain about the software in the past year.

iOS 9 release date and features

Extended battery life is a major concern of users the iPhone, but they can squeeze an extra hour due to the new power-saving mode. Apple, says, IOS 9 pulls the switch you never knew existed to preserve the juice.

You may be able to install the IOS 9, this time without deleting all of your photos. It takes about 1.4GB, while IOS 8 requires massive 4.5GB internal memory. It was horrible to 16GB iPhone.

CPU and GPU usage is more efficient due to the firmware 9, further enhancing the performance and security, is said to have walked. I hope this means that in the past year will not hack ICloud annual incident.

iOS 9 release date and features

not mentioned during Apple WWDC Keynote, A “Move to iOS” app hidden in the firmware 9. It is now easier for wireless device switch from Android to a new phone IOS or tablet.

iPhone and IPad users may be surprised when asked to enter the six-digit access code instead easier- to crack four-digit code. But the difference between one million and 10,000 possible combinations, and touch ID does make trouble moot. Better safe than sorry.

Apple, was so confident that it has launched a sweeping IOS 9 public beta, and it really shows why, even if it is an incremental update. Google’s Android Zephyr receives the same cautious approach ahead of its launch on September 29th. As more IO 9 updates and features are available for download, we are constantly updating this page.

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