Hey! Remember that you voted in the poll? Twitter is inviting you to come check out the results.

Over the next few days, Twitter plans to give its users the opportunity to conduct interviews in a tweet.

limited number of people using Twitter have access to this functionality polling over the past few weeks. Some polls conducted useful, while others asked questions like this:

Joking aside, polls can be a useful tool for Twitter in their attempts to increase participation among its members. After you vote in the poll, followed later with a Twitter notification that prompted you to come back to Twitter, to see the results. This request is not hard to give up, no matter how frivolous poll – after all, you have already expressed an interest effective on the subject.

Once you come back, why not stay for a while and see what else is going on? Or at least that’s the idea.

Here is the complete Twitter blog, published this morning, the written Twitter product manager Todd Sherman:

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