Twitter’s dark-toned ‘Night mode’ interface concept is now rolling out to its website customer, right after debuting 1st on its Apple iphone and Android apps. The dark concept will let you more simply monitor important serious-time facts from your Batcave to aid make absolutely sure Gotham is secure if you happen to be Batman – and it could also simplicity eye pressure when you’re using Twitter’s site at night time or in very low gentle.

The ‘Night mode’ seem is in fact a dark navy, relatively than black or grey, which is in all probability a better option for basic legibility. It also tends to make my go over artwork (a image of a print I obtained of the X-Men’s Charles Xavier drawn by great Canadian comic artist and illustrator Michael Cho) seem even more intimidating, which is to my liking.

This may not be immediately obtainable to everybody, but if it is, you can empower it by clicking on your own icon in the prime suitable corner of the Twitter website interface and tapping that ‘Night mode’ toggle at the really bottom of the menu that pops up. I’d recommend it – if only because it seems more fitting for present day Twitter.

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