Toyota has created a robot with artificial intelligence adorable called kirobo Mini, which will keep you company while riding.

The tiny robot that is just 10cm, is part of the Heart of Toyota, which car manufacturer says it is “our vision of the future where humans and artificial intelligence to work together for a better world.”

Toytota describes kirobo Mini as “a great companion of communication” that can detect emotions and react or speak to you or even a gesture, all at the same time small enough to sit in the cup holder of your car.

AI future

small, adorable robots seem to be all the rage. – Sharp introduced the Siri-like little robot, which she hopes will be your next smartphone

But kirobo Mini robot goes a little further than that, with planning Toyota to integrate its technology into the car Toyota, allowing it to offer a place for you to visit, what routes to take, or even the type of music to listen to, depending on your mood – it can detect.

But it is not just meant to be useful to a little companion for your next travel to work, Toyota wants it to also connect to your behavior in order to learn more about the people.

“With people spending an average of 4.3 years of our lives in our cars (which corresponds to travel to the moon and back three times) Toyota believes that much can be learned about our behavior and emotions while driving,” he said Toyota.

It sounds a bit ominous, but Toyota hopes kirobo Mini will make driving “physically and emotionally transformative experience,” adding that kirobo Japanese word “hope.”

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