The level of competition is heating up at the leading finish of the tricky disk travel sector with Toshiba eventually announcing its initially 8TB tricky disk travel, the X300, a single aimed at the large performance sector: that is practically two a long time right after Seagate initially introduced its model.

The travel sports a 7200RPM spinning pace, 128MB cache and utilizes Perpendicular Magnetic Recording and Tunnel Magneto-Resistive systems: so no shingles (SMR) or helium magic here which implies that increased potential drives are most likely to observe.

The X300 does also function Sophisticated Format (AF) storage and supports NCQ (Native Command Queuing) plus some nifty inside shock sensor technology that enhances the drive’s resistance to knocks and vibration.

Toshiba will launch the travel upcoming thirty day period with two yr regular warranty and a instructed invest in price of £262 (about $380, AU$530). That’s not these types of a undesirable price provided that Seagate’s model retails for thirty% considerably less nearly two a long time on the sector.

The latter even though comes with a stable three-yr warranty while it is most likely to have a lessen performance because of to a marginally slower rotational pace. The flip side is that electricity consumption on Seagate’s travel is most likely to be substantially lessen.

We have requested Toshiba to convey to us how quite a few platters this travel has and will update the piecec as shortly as we listen to from them.

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