Top 5 Killer Tips To Increase Fiverr Sales by 200%

A blog has just joined Fiverr and has been asking, “How do I increase my sales on” Now most people ask these questions, still little or no obvious answers. If you belong to this category, or if you already have sales roll, just want to add a percentage of 200%, then this article will help you a lot.
There are several reasons that may hinder your sales, so before I tell you how to increase sales, I would like to emphasize some of the reasons.
what! The The Did you upload this show two weeks ago and have not sold it yet? It is simple and wrong. It says that if you want to sell in the Fiverr market as a physical market, you have to make sure that the potential customer makes him a customer. If you want to do this, first solve these problems.
PUT A PROFILE PICTURE: Obviously, right? It is said that we are affected by what we see. Most people want to buy from a photo rather than a blank profile, or use the default “Avatar”. Make sure your profile picture is attractive and worth a look.
I do not know that everyone is Mike Brown or Miley Cyrus, so that’s where Google is.
Be careful not to use celebrity pictures, otherwise it will produce the opposite effect. Have you ever wondered why customer service representatives are always so appealing? It can help you buy more and become a customer. The same applies to Fiverr, the attractive cover photo will bring additional sales
2. Make an explanation: I am browsing some SEO Gigs in fiverr and have two options between the two. Let’s call it A and B.GA A better than B, but when i see Gig A’s description, “I asked for my show, and I guaranteed you all the delivery.”
It is more of the flow of SEO performance. “However, B B explains in detail how he plans to optimize the page, social presence, do more social bookmarking and content.
Sellers with Gig A may have a better offer, but his marketing is so bad that the seller and Gig B will have more sales. So from today, try to make this show a sufficient description
The following are the same as the ”
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3. You sell yourself and GIG: it can make sure that you know how good you are in the field of performance.
After writing a good explanatory description, you can use a self-praise way to guarantee. Keep in short, within 1 or 2 rows. Doing so will make you look desperate
Target keyword description as title: nothing to say you. If you are selling a bug about repairing WordPress, please have at least three times in the description, half of the title.
For example, the title can be that I will check your WordPress blog and fix the WORDPRESS error. You noticed that I mentioned wordpress twice in the title, the target keyword WordPress error is uppercase letters.
Now that you have solved the above tips, we can move to killer tips that can increase your sales by more than 200%.

5 killer tips to increase your sales by 200% on

Get more traffic: traffic! traffic! The traffic! The The The Many people say that traffic facts really, the importance can not be too much emphasis.
To sell, you need traffic. How do you get this? Then I will issue two hints that I personally use to get traffic to my show.
First, create a website for your performance or fiverr profile. Often, this is a daunting task, but like a service like, every Kyle or Joe can do that.
Once you’ve done this, you can use the media to promote your website’s URL on Facebook and other social networks.
I prefer to do this so that you can share direct links on social networks because the description box on the social network will not give you enough space to fully describe your performance.
And may also restrict your use of keywords. But through blogspot’s website, you can not only get free traffic to your blog, cause your performance on Google, you can also use images to describe, and even publish links to previously completed work, how cool it is.
Second, use Google to search for your client. Do not wait for them to come and go to them. For example, if you fix WordPress errors, you can search for Google “Help Fix WordPress Errors” and you will be surprised how many people need your service. Once you have found a forum in a forum or community, tell them you can fix it and put a link back to your fiverr actor or blog post that has a show.
2. buy your own idea: This is my personal favorite tips, I have been secret for some time, and finally decided to let everyone benefit. When you open a new show, if you have a positive evaluation of the concert, then a viewer will be concerned about the exact way to fire the client is.
Otherwise, everyone is waiting for the other to buy first. No one wants to waste money, so wait for them to get a positive evaluation before buying.
So in this case, create two or three profiles, buy your own show, and watch the sales roll. Someone followed this tip, three days later he made 15 sales. He had to even refuse some, because he can not be fully honored during speculation
3. Create a female profile: I’m sorry ladies, but I do research that shows that women’s personal information is more accessible and thus more sales.
You do not have to be a lady, just use the American female name and use Google to get a girl photo. This may seem unorthodox, but it is a marketing strategy when full use will bring ferrificy to increase your monthly sales.
4. Upload more photos about GIG: Some customers may not want to experience the trouble of reading a descriptive description of the show.
I call them “I bought the customers I see.” To do this, you need to describe the more attractive photos that you can do more to sell. So make sure your show has at least three photos to describe
5. Provide the right service: As mentioned above, you will not sell the desired performance, so you may not have any sales.
Do not misunderstand, all the performances are wanted, but some are demanding. Any performance you wish to sell should be within the average demand to meet the high demand. Do not sell below or below average
It’s your turn
Now after finishing these words, I believe you have a few questions, you want to ask some possible contributions. Feel use the comment box to make sure to contribute.