Top 10 Best Android Apps for Beginners
Top 10 Best Android Apps for Beginners If you recently have an Android and consider installing some cool applications and here we are all beginners must install each application on their Android phone, which will be useful in everyday life list .

Ë all know , the smart phone is one of the largest platform Android is now used by many users , but there are a lot of applications are being developed every day for this operating system . Whenever new who purchased any Android user, he / she began to look for an application they have started Android installed . That’s why we wrote this guide in this manual , I will discuss Android beginners necessarily need all of the applications on their Android phones . Thus , for all of these applications are discussed below continue to see. Also read : how to make nougat Android ‘s new in Android navigation keys right

Top 10 Best Android Apps for Beginners

I have selected these apps by user need, download rates, reviews and some of my personal experience. So read the description and download these apps.

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Android Apps for Beginners
To write more and faster than ever before, so you should try Swiftkey for this keyboard lets you do that with its unusual credit card write , forecasting and other functions. It is also possible to use a different theme, so your keyboard looks like you want it to be great every time . Just give it a try, you will know why it is the best smartphone keyboard application .

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#2  Evernote

Android Apps for Beginners

It is essentially a virtual notebook that you have with you everywhere and is perfect for downloading whatever you want. It can be used to make notes directly in the app, save images and articles from the web, upload pages from physical notebooks, and track tasks. Evernote can even handle audio files. Everything that you add to it can be searchable after some time hence making it easy to deal with any file.

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#3 Hotel Tonight 

Android Apps for Beginners
If you are stuck somewhere at midnight , while you are away from your home , you will feel Luxor found some hotels , but it is not hard to find people near you . But wait , it may be very easy to find the hotel or your nearest reservation in hotels , you can do it all through the hotel tonight application. The manual selection of the application , it can make each hotel to make sure you get what you want a great quality and typLuxor

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#4 Uber or Ola Cab

Android Apps for Beginners

If you are looking for any cab out there that is near to you, then you can save yourself some time. Just download any of the two apps Uber or Ola Cab. Both these apps can operate in most major cities and some nonmajor ones also. You can just use these apps to check the pricing of the cabs too. Go and grab this app and it shall help you a lot.

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#5 Picsart

Android Apps for Beginners
Up to now the computer was asked to visit some of the great features of Photoshop to edit photos. PicsArt is a type of application to bring world -class image retouching and restoring your iPhone Adobe Photoshop features. It also includes liquefaction , mitigation, smooth, repair and paint . You can also send photos to a computer for further editing , but if you are a creative cloud users can also be done . All of these features , you can easily shoot photos shine.

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#6 Inbox by Gmail

Android Apps for Beginners

If you want to have control of your Gmail account, then you should download Inbox by Gmail app for your Android. The app helps you to organize your mailbox based on the types of messages you receive, hence making it easy to locate emails quickly. Information like delivery order updates, pictures, flight statuses, and reservations details can also be viewed in this app and even without opening the message. A great feature that is Snooze lets you set a reminder for the particular email that you want to see later on. At last this app justifies how important Gmail is for you and hence it cares about everything in a great manner.

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#7 Waze

Android Apps for Beginners
If you are a long route drivers or just a long route to the place you are not familiar with , then you should check out the Waze. The application knows how fast users on the road , and redirect traffic around you in mid- stroke , and ultimately shorten your commute . Waze tell you traffic , but also to remind you about construction , accidents and red light cameras are the front line. It can even tell you the way forward with regard to the police . All these features make it the perfect companion for your long route , you will never feel alone.

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#8 Cash

Android Apps for Beginners
Cash Square is an application that helps you instantly money between friends , even the free transfer between different banks . The application requires everyone involved to be registered , and should have been connected to a debit card . After that, you can pay your friend back instantly , which can occur in just a few taps on your phone . Sometimes , it may take 1-2 business days for the transfer, but most of the time the transfer is immediate . If you who think it is important to carry your money , then you should try this program .