The listing of positions in which robots can complete extra successfully than human beings is currently pretty long. Factory employees, farmers, taxi motorists, building employees, protection guards, and surgeons are all confronting the oncoming practice of obsolescence.

And now we can add yet another entry to that listing – scorpion milkers. A crew of Moroccan engineers has produced a robotic machine for extracting beneficial venom from scorpions devoid of hazard.

“The extraction of scorpion venom is a really complicated process and commonly usually takes at least two experimenters,” stated Mouad Mkamel, who designed the robot with a crew of researchers from Ben M&apossik Hassan II College, Morocco. 

“There are quite a few pitfalls like likely deadly scorpion stings and electric shocks from the stimulators employed to extract the venom.”

Additional Protection

So they crafted a light-weight, transportable robotic machine that does the task for them. “It is designed to extract scorpion venom devoid of harming the animal and to present extra safety for the experimenters,” explained Mkamel.

It operates by clamping the tail of the scorpion and then electrically stimulating it so that it expresses droplets of venom, which can then be captured and properly saved. 

That may seem a little cruel, but it&aposs considerably superior than existing solutions which either contain electrical stimulation by hand or bodily puncturing the venom gland in the creature&aposs stomach.

The machine has an LED display screen and can be programmed to adjust and keep in mind certain settings for different species. 

“[Our robot] could be employed by 1 man or woman using a remote management to properly recuperate scorpion venom remotely,” extra Mkamel.

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