Star Wars advertising can be red hot right now, and the idea of ​​remote-controlled R2- D2’s so cool to variety of reasons.

Created Haier Asia, the new remote control has a mini-fridge favorite droid, complete with a rotating head, the sound effects and the ability to keep your drinks cool, Goth-like temperature.

Nevertheless, ready to drop a pretty penny on one of these beauties. Each unit R2 comes with a hefty price tag of ¥ 998,000 (about $ 8266 / £ 5,360 / $ 11,591 Australian) before tax, shipping and import duties even included. .

If you are not dissuaded by the price, the good news is that you can preorder your Artoo now so you’re first in line to get this wonderful braking device

YouTube: HTTPS: // .com / watch? v = 7WUIiiadIWg

Part AQUA Line Haier’s household appliances, fans of the dark side of the Force will be happy to know that other products on the basis of a galaxy far, far away, are also available to preorder, including cooler Darth Vader and the Galactic line Empire theme cleaners.

Other Disney-owned properties have been included in the line AQUA geek household goods, such as cartoons of Disney and Marvel superheroes, but moving, beep-blooping R2-D2 complete with a frosty cold takes the cake for us. Refrigerators, is expected to be released in December, so you may consider one to keep your place in the line immediately Episode VII hits theaters

Top image credit :. AQUA – Haier Asia

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