Computer science is one of the most diverse areas of the world. This is not just to make complex games or hacking top-secret files. Movies tend to all dramatic. When you go to college as a freshman CS, little before you know give you the opportunity to size. I spent my first year of college, I was worried endlessly doomed to failure, because I do not know that I was good and did not seem to make sense. Now things have fallen into place.
You can never be a panacea. Your goal should not be to become. One thing you need to do is to find your niche. The sooner you realize the better. Explore your options, study the market demand, you decide to go with the flow. Pick a field as your main raise your skills. In the role of the current study / top emerging technology, I get the following name and I’ll share with you today. In these areas the highest technology specialist personal pursuit. If you’re afraid of what you plan to do for five years, he made a dubious choice of a career, or a master’s degree to which these are something you should consider when choosing the field.

1. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

AI is probably one of the most exciting computer science field. It has been around for quite a long period of time, and it continues to grow and expand. AI enthusiasts, now is not the rich world, most people think it is something futuristic movie. But AI is real, it is happening. Experts suggest that will take off in the next few years appropriate. When this happens, if you are one of the main AI, you will want to buy assets.

AI is all about creating software and machines exhibit intelligent behavior. Mark Zuckerberg announced this year that one of his goals in 2016 will be to build an artificial intelligence personal assistant, a bit like J.A.R.V.I.S from Iron Man. Cool, huh? not this. AI is to promote cancer research and intelligent web search. You need to have a good basic knowledge of probability, statistics, linear algebra, and excellent reasoning and problem-solving ability of artificial intelligence expert. AI is far from in a variety of gambling, robotics, media, quantum science industries. Once you pick a course you can, you can also learn its applications, such as machine learning, computer vision, and robotics. Machine learning is to give us the self-driving cars, voice recognition and effective network search process.

Unfortunately most of the courses are not available in Pakistan University. Good research facilities Some universities will allow you to focus on artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision or project. Take these opportunities. If you are interested in attending a course on these issues, here are some I have found most useful resources:

  1. Indirect artificial intelligence Udacity
  2. Certificate courses in machine learning

2. Data Science

Data Science is another emerging field of computer science and it brings the world is full of possibilities. Data scientists, is now very rare in the world again, therefore, the demand for highly competitive data scientists will continue to increase. There are indications that piled up over the past few decades in the world of huge data resources. If you expect it is located within about a century to become historical relics information is completely useless. This is the scientists’ data come in, their job is to make use of those resources, large data, organizing it so that we can for the future of smart and intelligent decision. Have you read your algorithm class concept of “past to predict the future” in? This is very like.

Last year we featured Dr. UL Zeeshan Hassan Usmani, for the first time on our website. He happens to be Pakistan’s scientific data and his promoter PredictifyMe is perhaps one of our era’s most required solutions leading researchers. They use a lot of resources publicly available data, so that the relevant terrorist attacks, public health and disease, predictive analysis and forecasting for the enterprise. As we continue to lead the future, there are big data to predict the future, we will eventually have to avoid the inevitable disaster before any kind of power. Needless to say, the scientific data has an extreme need it urgently. Smart leaders to hire IT staff to get more visibility, insight, and grasp the future of their business. However, the challenge is to build a clean data structure to the problems in the system. This creates a magical effect for the data architect and engineer data channels.

If you are interested, here are some that I found very insightful resources.

  1. Presentation of scientific data Certificate Program
  2. Data Science professional certificate programs
  3. Read this article by Dr. Usmani, which he discussed in depth the scientific data, some resources are the most useful.
  4. Machine learning science students also recommended course data.

3. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality market is heating up, according to the latest survey shows that the market will be worth about $ 110 billion in the coming year. After Facebook announced the acquisition of companies and their future Oculus VR program, more and more companies are out because of his VR gear. They are selling hot! But not everyone can get on Facebook, Google, LG or HTC superb technology firsthand employment and work, these emerging works. What you can do is to use virtual reality to adjust your career. Motion graphics and game development and design combined well to VR.
If you have a good attention to detail, your expertise will be sought after. VR has a lot of scope, not only in games, but in architecture, interior design, product production, film production and set design. Here are some resources to help you:

  1. A good start would be to make Google cardboard to VR applications. You can explore more via this link.
  2. Graphic Design Professional Certificate Program
  3. Introduction to Design of Everyday Things in Udacity

4. Things and augmented reality

As our lives become more and more engulfed technology, Internet of Things is aimed in this case, a bank field. Your PC and mobile phones are no longer the only smart gadgets that you can have. We now have a new concept of smart TV, smart washing machines, intelligent home. Things includes all these ideas. Things for remote sensing and control all devices connected via the Internet. Things take advantage of wireless sensor networks, a combination of machine-to-machine, robotics, wireless networks, Internet technologies and smart devices. Things picked up pace in Pakistan as well.
But it is not one person. Augmented Reality (AR) is a more appealing partner. But do not confuse AR Virtual Reality. While VR simulation you will experience an otherworldly, AR cover your digital world in your real world. That is why it formed the perfect combination of things. What I’m talking about more perspective, watch this video of Microsoft Hololens.

Microsoft HoloLens – Transform your world with holograms

Now you probably understand this vast field. The composition networking and AR have different applications. I would highly recommend this five-year plan to do a research project, may eventually choose it as a career path. Here is a resource to help you get started:

  1. Things Augmented Reality technology and emerging technology certificate program

5. backend developers
Although the introduction of virtual reality and augmented reality like fancy technical terms, network engineering is here to stay. This may evolve into other things in the future to keep up with the changing technology trends, but there will always be a need to develop and engineers. When you first open a Web site, it is the only, what you see is the interface. You do not know is to go behind the scenes complexity. More seamlessly you can manipulate a website, which is when you know the back-end developer is his / her master craftsman.
Companies who are looking like Java, PHP and Python server-side programming language is good at a great back-end developers. With the arrival of Node.js, JavaScript than ever before in the development of server-side is more important. If you are good at the back-end development, a good solution to the problem, good at learning, then the company is now looking for someone with your skills. All universities offer excellent network engineering courses. If not, pick it up elective. Or you can learn from the Internet. Here are some resources that I found most helpful. Remember, these are the beginners. The more you practice, more new technology, you will learn and the better you will get.

  1. In JavaScript the TutorialsPoint
  2. In TutorialsPoint of Node.js
  3. PHP in W3School

6. The front-end development
It is said that the last impression. This may, or may not, be true for humans, but it is in the case of front-end Web development, is very real. A good website is to master the moment you open it from one of you. More importantly, when everyone moved to experience response times, companies who want to survive the competition are looking to make their presence was found. This is the arena where a good front-end developers. In this front-end developers do not pay due respect, most people think this is a lowly job. But the fact is the front-end developers can make or break your business. That’s why you need a good specialist. In addition, the fact that the side: Contrary to popular belief, the front end of the development team than the rear end of the bank more money.
So, where to start. You will be the first thing you learned of Web engineering courses will be HTML5 and CSS3. They constitute the backbone of web design, which is everyone starts learning. However, in addition to learning how to write a good front end engineer is a good attention to detail. Here are some resources to help you. But like I said before, this is a growing field. The more you explore, the more you’ll learn.

  1. HTML5
  2. CSS3
  3. In JavaScript the TutorialsPoint
  4. In W3School Angularjs
  5. In the front-end Web Development Udacity nanoscale

7. UX / UI design

Programmers do not usually think from a user’s perspective. UX / UI design apocryphal question ‘how’ and ‘why’, and from a user’s point of view to a relatively new term. UX / UI designer expert in human-computer interaction aspects. They tend to ask questions and do research that will lead up to the most important design decisions made. They formed in the foundation by the developers to implement design, followed by final testing and evaluation thereon. If you happen to be in UX / UI design front-end development is good, your software company treasures!

For the concept of some beginner through this link:

  1. By the Scott Klemmer (YouTube series) Human-Computer Interaction

8. Full Stack Engineer

A full stack is back-end developers and engineers divine combination of front-end developer of software engineering techniques have a good grasp. The word is relatively new, the concept is growing in Pakistan grabbed from the West. Facebook is a famous company employ only one full stack engineer. The reason why people go for the full stack engineers, because they have versatility. They are familiar with, if not mastery, all the steps in the software development cycle. A whole stack of the most widely recognized layers are: servers, networks, data modeling, business logic API layer, user interface, user experience and customer satisfaction.
If you are a software engineering student, you are in an advantage if you are a good network engineer. Universities do not provide “full stack technology” course, nor will they. It is more like a concept, or people who happen to be generalist duties. However, if you are interested here are some online courses:

  1. Full-stack Web development nanoscale Udacity
  2. Full-stack Web development specialized certificate courses

9. IT manager

IT managers responsible for managing and maintaining the company’s technology infrastructure. Organizations need to deal with the smooth and efficient data management and communication. This is a step IT managers – whose main task is to monitor the operational requirements, research strategies, to create the most cost-effective solutions to strengthen the company’s technology infrastructure.

IT managers typically CS graduates expertise in the field of management, as well as the best MBA. You can not really expect after graduation to become an IT manager. These people have years of experience, their sleeves and a proven leadership ability. You can not book learning.

10. Quality assurance specialist

Quality assurance is not entirely a technical role, because almost and training can do that a small number of people. But companies now prefer to have a development background, because they tend to ask fewer questions and good coding errors found. They not only spotting, and what kind of report may lead to errors, reduce the average time it takes a good test. There is a project management background, technical strength in software engineering, who are preferred because they can From a user perspective testing and quality assurance, reduce the overall workload. I personally feel that the quality assurance is something you learn over the course of time. However, if you are interested, you can book:

  1. Beautiful Testing: leading professionals know how to improve their software