Astronomers have collected what they are claiming the largest astronomical image today in a stunning 46 gigapixel composite image of the Milky Way.

Astronomers in Germany’s Ruhr University Bochum photographed long section of the Milky Way for five years from the Observatory of the University, located in the desert in Chile.

The fully composite of 268 images with the university that 50,000 new variable objects have been discovered by researchers until now due to the project.

The study of the stars

image, which is about 855 000 pixels wide and 54,000 in height, about 194 gigabytes, so while you can not upload a picture, the university has created an online viewer, you can learn to themselves.

“If you want to display it in full resolution, full-screen HD TV, you will need more than 22,000 screens,” said Moritz Hackstein, a graduate student involved in the project CBS News.

Using the online tool, you can zoom into specific areas of the Milky Way, or make it even easier, you can even search for a specific object or a star.

“If the user enters in the” Eta Carinae “, for example, the tool moves in the corresponding stars; the search term is” M8 “in the Lagoon Nebula,” the university said. You can check it out for yourself here.

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Image credit: Lehrstuhl für Astrophysik, RUB