According to the Internet Archive, for every minute of television advertising, which supported the San Francisco ballot measure that would limit Airbnb, was 100 minutes against the proposal F.


Ads opposing local criterion vote that would restrict Airbnb Francisco significantly ahead of those in favor of this measure, in accordance with the consideration in the Internet Archive.

Proposition F will limit the number of days in a year, the owners can rent out their homes to 75 require home sharing platforms to report regularly to the city authorities, the ban on rental apartments in the law, and more. Airbnb has spent $ 8 million is still hoping to win a measure of the vote, which they say is overly aggressive.

Internet Archive records and stores hours and hours of TV footage, but claims to have found only one ad that supports a measure of voting. This announcement that their study says, played 32 times for a total of 16 minutes; in comparison, ads support Airbnb ether for more than 26 hours.

Of course, these days, TV advertising is only one part of how the campaign tried to reach voters; both sides play in the digital space. In fact, the campaign, lining F, better known as the exchange SF, has released a new ad on YouTube, which is now in the press release was said to be part of “significant digital media buy.”