Whether or not you’re an unsung mathematical genius with a penchant for producing complex equations all around every thing or a damn vandal, you’ll find the WriteyDesk fairly helpful. This exam is basically a massive whiteboard that on which you can write, attract, or sketch and it’s erasable. It arrives in white or “birch” and $three hundred on Kickstarter and $400 when it hits retail.

“But man producing about a desk you can write on,” you say. “What transpires if you smudge the ink?” I really don’t know but you’d finest be very careful. I can imagine a life time of stained shirt sleeves and wrists with this matter if you’re not adequately properly trained in the horizontal dry erase sketching arts.

This products was built by the similar guys who built the paint that turns partitions into whiteboards. They’re backed by Mark Cuban.

The group is hoping to increase $twenty five,000 on Kickstarter and it’s sluggish heading so significantly but if you want to get a offer on a function area that doubles as a white board so you, too, can write arcane equations and/or attract impolite shots on your desk then this is the merchandise for you.