Battle in San Francisco for today. Battle for Airbnb is just beginning.


This summer, several election-year ballot proposal San Francisco quickly went from the local regulatory issues of national debate. Airbnb eventually won – big time – won a measure which would have introduced strict new regulations on short-term rental properties in the city. As the dust settles in the city of San Francisco, and the dollar the company $ 25 billion, which was launched here embarking on a new journey together – Airbnb launches global campaign for hearts and minds.

The Saga of the Battle of the Airbnb San Francisco was a convincing one. In one corner: the bustling old residents (and often romanticized) of the city, who are struggling to afford to live there. In another: Billion dollar tech company whose well-compensated employees are part of the reason rents damn high to begin with, and whose sense of entitlement sometimes seems ill-concealed. (Or, in another reading: well, this means the company is simply trying to do what companies do not – grow profitable – but being obstacles at every step of the nostalgic, reactionary populous overregulation Airbnb, to fix their homegrown housing supply problems .)

In any case, the political clash of philosophy embodies the tension between those who believe that the influx of dollars of technology is a force for good in the city, and those who believe that they have radically changed the city for the worse.

This narrative tension – with the help of billions of dollars on the table – caught the attention of the national media. Unique offer of San – Francisco, which allows voters to weigh in on policy issues directly with significant finality, adds romance democratic tales. Every major output of The New York Times to USA Today to MSNBC covered citywide sample Airbnb; History, in one form or another, has been trending on Facebook throughout the week. But while that is ultimately the story is over to celebrate Airbnb campaign staff and employees, the company did not come out unscathed from the weeks of control.

This is not the first political battle Airbnb, but it was certainly the most high profile. As with any candidate who wins the primaries, only to begin the general election, Airbnb leaves the battlefield bruised. Unpleasant Ad Company paste all over the city, and immediately had to carry, lent credibility of the long-standing fear in the city – that the billions of dollars companies that claim to reinvent the city life find that their astronomical financial success gives them the right to vote is how that city life is regulated. While these concerns are not losing Airbnb right choice, they are likely to live to tell how Airbnb, and his so-called brothers sharing economy are treated across the country and around the world.

Airbnb, seemingly ready to rise to this challenge. While the company is headquartered in San Francisco and fought there, the company has listings in 34,000 cities, each of which, in accordance with the global policy of the head of Chris Lehane, “has its own taste.” The choice of municipal legal codes often cited as a reason Airbnb company can not create a custom product for each city according to its laws. While cities like Philadelphia, Milan, Frankfurt and Amsterdam have been, according to Lehane, embraced Airbnb, and was ready to work with him according to the rules, the relationship was rocky elsewhere. Santa Monica dealt with the company in the spring and in October was Airbnb fight rules in Quebec, the first of its kind in Canada.

But when leaders Airbnb look at the world, they do not see a fragmented puzzle of local politics and planning codes. They see Moscow, where Russian renting rooms to Airbnb as a means to survive the current recession in the country. They see in Havana, where Cubans with their homes in droves They see and Lehane told a room full of journalists at a breakfast on the morning after the election, a global network of guests and hosts, if politically organized in favor of the company, can be extremely powerful.

And so to organize their training and exactly what Airbnb plans to do using his victory in San Francisco, to combine the most passionate users Airbnb to in a series of clubs in cities around the world. The aim is to set up 100 of them in 2016. When the election season rolls around this year, legions of defenders of the client is ready and waiting to come out against any group or person who does not fully cover Airbnb, and what it means for.

There was a lot at stake for these elections Airbnb right. CA regulatory policy often leads to the remaining part of the country. If the regulation is adopted, it could have a domino effect, spreading enthusiasm for the suppression from town to town. Airbnb spent millions to win in San Francisco. It will spend millions more to win in other cities – that’s clear. “This is a great lesson,” Lehane said, “but it is also a template.” But while Airbnb might feel it has a plan for world domination in the pocket, taking a tactic of San Franciscans have been exposed over the last few months on the road may change the company’s image. What happened in San Francisco this week, probably will not determine the future of the company, but what happens over the next year just might.

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