YouTube Red is live now – if you live in the United States – and you might be wondering just why you should shell out $ 10 to take all the ads away from the video sharing site and access some exclusive content at the same time.

Well, wonder no longer: one of YouTube’s biggest stars has laid out the pros of the new service in a blog post on Tumblr . PewDiePie (real name Felix Kjellberg) says the move is an obvious response to the growing use of ad-blocking software on the web.

“YouTube Red exists largely as an effort to counter Adblock,” writes the vlogger. “Using Adblock does not mean you’re clever and above the system … using Adblock has actual consequences.” PewDiePie does say he’s “okay” with people using ad-blocking apps on his own channel – but the effect on smaller channels can be “devastating”.

Ad blockers on the up

PewDiePie also shares some statistics from his own dashboard: apparently 40 percent of the people who view his videos are making use of ad blockers, a figure that has risen in recent years.

He admits there are “important questions” about YouTube Red – such as whether $ 10 is the right price – but says “it’s more important that we understand what the actual problem here is.”

Of course YouTube Red is about more than blocking adverts: you also get access to exclusive content (some of which will be provided by PewDiePie himself together with YouTube’s other major stars), background listening on mobile devices and a subscription to Google Play Music thrown in as well.