Microsoft, is reported to have signed a new update for Windows 10, and that the building could come as early as this week for Insiders Windows. Codenamed threshold 2, the build number for the release is expected to be 10586.

By Winbeta, Microsoft is preparing to launch Threshold 2 for desktop and mobile, and it stands for Windows 10, users can expect to see updates for their workers , laptops, tablets, smartphones and convertibles Windows.

Threshold 2 is expected to roll out this month to all users of Windows, 10, and previous rumors suggest that the upgrade may arrive on November 10 for regular users as part of the “Patch Tuesday,” Microsoft’s update cycle.

What is expected at the threshold of 2

Some of the anticipated new features in Windows 10 include integrated messaging, and Skype experience and improve the browser Microsoft Edge. Microsoft is testing a comprehensive messaging features and screen casting insider view on the last builds of Windows 10, along with improvements to the edge and Cortana.

The update will probably also bring a number of improvements and bug fixes, although it is still unclear if any of these fixes will correct some of the early bugs that surface of the book and Surface Pro 4 owners experienced by Microsoft, own equipment.

When Microsoft launches the threshold 2, then most likely not use the name of the code. Microsoft, is expected to refer to the software as “Autumn” Update for Windows, 10.

The impact on small business

If you are a small business owner, using as Windows, PC and Windows Phone, The threshold of 2 should save you time. When you work on a laptop, and a new text message arrives on your phone, you will not have to take your smartphone to answer.

Use of Cortana on your computer, Threshold 2 to allow Windows 10 users to read and reply to text messages from their Windows 10 mobile phones on their computers. This feature is similar to OS X and the continuity of x Ios.

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