OVH is ready to revolutionize the small office (SOHO) sector with a router that can encrypt four DSL connection at a time.

first reported PC World technology OverTheBox allows users to SOHO, to bring together services from four providers and protect them all in one static IP-addresses, which has a huge number of denial of service protection .

OverTheBox actually consists of three elements. The software, which is being released by OVH under the GPL open source hardware it runs on, and the service provides bandwidth and encryption to the encrypted channel.

OverTheBox makes PCs and printers secure by connecting itself between PCs / printers and routers. Then she takes on the role of DHCP-server for the LAN, WAN and the aggregation of links constructing an encrypted VPN to a single server in a data center’s OvH in connection encrypted.

This technology can take over as host using DHCP with a fact that most providers supply a multi-port router, which also comprise a plurality of DHCP. By bringing together all the routers it can take on the role of host DHCP and provide encryption as the French law does not include the mass surveillance data centers in this regard.

based NUC

TC is based on Intel, the next block Computing (NUC) form factor and has the shape of the small size of the device, which has the Intel Atom chip with a clock speed of 1.46GHz, 2GB RAM , three ports USB, VGA, HDMI, audio in / out, power connector, and precious connection Gigabit Ethernet.

OVH charge 149 € (about $ 166, £ 109 or AU $ 237) for one of the routers, which comes pre-loaded with the software open source, necessary for € 9.99 (about $ 11 , £ 7,35, and AU $ 15.93) companies are able to stop their encrypted VPN on one of the servers in the OvH.