Meet your new companion. LG designed this rolling robot to do all sorts of mundane tasks around your home. It can even play with your cat — just don’t ask it to vacuum your floors. It’s not that kind of household robot.

About half the size of a bowling ball, the little guy can roll around your pad, control appliances or TVs and monitor your home with a built-in 8MP webcam. It’s like BB-8. It even beeps and chirps.

The Rolling Bot can control a TV and LG says it can talk to home appliances. It also sports a laser pointer that the owner can control remotely through a connected camera. Because cats. Seriously. LG envisions Rolling Bot owners playing with their cats from afar and thanks to built-in two-way audio, you can chat with the cats too.

LG isn’t saying when this little bot will be released or how much it will be when it hits the market.

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