The BBC's VR-friendly Olympic 360 broadcasts were a virtual success

British broadcasting huge, the BBC, has declared that its 360-degree video demo at the Rio Olympics was a success, with the opinions collected giving important ideas to the technology’s long run.

The BBC was a single of the optimum-profile bodies trialing mass-market place 360 video, and BBC Activity made use of the Olympics to see how the company would perform.

In its official figures the BBC suggests there were being a single million views of 360 streamed and on-desire output, which provided the beach front volleyball, boxing, and the opening and closing ceremonies.

Viewers who desired to expertise the 360 footage had to obtain a particular application from the BBC.


“The experimental BBC Activity 360 company, which supplied live and on-desire written content in 360-degree video for the initially time, drew in excess of 1m views across all platforms,” claimed the BBC in a statement.

“Hundreds of customers supplied opinions on the company to help the BBC even more have an understanding of the likely of this emerging engineering.”

That opinions could, of training course, have been mainly detrimental – but even if that were being the case it will be a beneficial established of views to notify the BBC’s possibilities going ahead.

With 360 filming engineering coming down in price, and the proliferation of inexpensive VR headsets that use the cell phone as the major viewing display screen, this way of broadcast is finding up rate.

Nevertheless, VR broadcasting is still a pretty nascent engineering, and it truly is likely that the expertise will need to have to build significantly in order for it to stage outside of the realm of an interesting gimmick.

  • The BBC desires to use its new demos to compose the VR rulebook