Telstra customers have been last night practical experience a peculiar feeling of deja vu when the network’s cell and information companies stopped operating.

Telstra has not confirmed what brought about the difficulty in the very first position, but explained the load of tens of millions of equipment attempting to immediately reconnect concurrently brought about important congestion that only exacerbated the difficulty.

Solutions have been rather swiftly restored, but just like the last outage, Telstra has promised to check out and make matters right with its customers by presenting yet another totally free information working day.

On Sunday, April three, Telstra customers will get endless information, irrespective of their prepare. The last time the network did this it turned into a important PR acquire, and also the telco’s busiest working day at any time.

In any scenario, Telstra has proclaimed that it is operating difficult to comprehend how it can improve its network to avoid the exact challenges from arising in the future.

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