The winner of the recent TC Radio Pitch-off contest, quilting is a social network designed for those older than 50 years. Headquartered in Australia, the site is designed to help members find friends, romantic communication, or just new activities to try.

Marcy Rogo, co-founder of the stitch, explained that “many elderly people have a lot of things that they want to do, but no one to do them. Stitch meets this need with a unique and vibrant social network with the ability to meet other like-minded people through group activities Member drive, travel, and one-on-one “communication.

This means that, unlike dating sites, many members of the stitch group hosts events like wine tasting or trivia nights. There are currently 20,000 active members and more than 50 community assets Stitch.

While available for free, Stitch also has a $ 60 / year premium tier, which gives members features, such as unlimited profile views, which in profile position, and a member-to-member calls. The company said about 10 percent of registrations eventually convert to premium members.

Interestingly, the company has a platform of customer service by telephone based on where users can select the handset and talk to a real person. Although it sounds like a small detail, his huge difference for the older crowd who feels more comfortable communicating by voice.

Part 9 500 games startup, the site is a spinout of a startup called Tapestry decision tablet to help seniors stay connected in retirement communities. Stitch raised seed round of $ 1M in August and plans to start the Serie A in 2016