World renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has issued a warning that human beings need to have to colonize other planets in order to guarantee survival from a range of threats. 

The warning will come as portion of the new series of Tomorrow’s World, a revamp of the profitable British Television display that dealt with how innovations in science and technological know-how stood to condition the foreseeable future.

Tomorrow’s World ran for 38 yrs until finally 2003. Now it’s back again, with a broad spectrum of programming all getting commissioned less than the title. 

One of the packages is Stephen Hawking: Expedition New Earth, in which Professor Hawking posits his theory that interplanetary colonization is important to make certain the survival of the human race.

Grave warning

With climate alter, overpopulation, probable asteroid strikes, and the rise of unpredictable technological know-how like artificial intelligence, a environment-ending event taking place in the subsequent century is not unimaginable. In order to safeguard the continuation of the human race, it makes feeling to have a 2nd foundation. 

Mars and the Moon, as our nearest neighbours, are two of the probable alternatives for wherever we could move, but would of study course require considerable development just before they had been habitable on a big scale.

Thinking of planets that are presently habitable, there is the possibility that a single of the seven planets lately identified in the Trappist one technique could be practical as our new property. The only dilemma is they&aposre really significantly away – 39 gentle yrs away to be exact, and with existing technological know-how it would choose thousands of yrs to access them.

Tesla Founder Elon Musk’s Area X plan is by now doing the job on strategies for creating reusable craft with the purpose of developing interplanetary human existence, so Professor Hawking isn’t the only particular person wondering about these prospects. But it will be pretty exciting to hear what a single of our planet’s greatest minds has to say on the subject matter.

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