Australia has a very strong mobile network [194590044G] in comparison with the rest of the world, but if you ever tried to stream video while on the train during rush hour, you’re in for a world of disappointment.

That’s why we got kind of excited when Amazon announced that there will be offer offline viewing for some shows . While Netflix is ​​adamant he will not be not offer offline viewing , it made sense that one of the local competitors – Stan or Presto – might look like to implement a similar feature in their mobile applications.

a preview of the upcoming original comedy series Stan No activity , we did not get a chance to talk with Stan CEO Mike Sneesby, who told TechRadar, that while he would never rule out online survey currently he is not convinced that the benefits outweigh the problems.

“We carefully as it took on to consumers at the international level,” Sneesby admitted when asked about the stand-alone versions of Annex Stan.

“I think that if you examined a group of people and said, ‘Would you be interested in stand-alone viewing” 99 percent of the people will say “yes, if only one option, of course, I’ll take that “he continued.

Viva La Resistance

The problem is not so much on the side of the consumer, but the difficulty is added to the service, both technically and in terms of user experience

“At Stan we got on 8,000 hours of viewing -. You can not download that on your phone, so there will be a limited number of shows or programs that you can never be offline right on the basis of how much memory is available on your device, “he explained Sneesby.

” This number one task. Goal number two is not all shows will be generally available for stand-alone mode.

“So you get in this situation, where you have got this error mismatch” why this show is available? Why is not available? I can only download one show, but I want it all! “He added.

These problems may seem insignificant for the technically savvy consumers, but also for the team at Stan, they are real issues that need to be addressed before online view becomes a function of the cost of implementation.

This does not mean that we will never see offline viewing for Stan. For Sneesby approach Amazon is a good example that will help determine the local approach.

“I think that out of the jury, as a matter of fact whether the complexity of in the experience of consumers in the final to outweigh the benefits of making it available. But, as I said, I never say no, and we are, of course, keeping a very close eye on it, “he said.