Social media company acquired Sprinklr Booshaka, the company aimed to give businesses better understand their audiences.

In particular, Booshaka built “one-click” to the connectors pull customer data from services such as Marketo, Shopify and strip, and then use that data to build segments of the audience of advertising campaigns on Facebook and Twitter.

Simon Mansell, General Manager Sprinklr of toll and services, said that through the integration of technology Booshaka, the company can bring in customer data, for example, ExactTarget, and then combine it with the data of social listening, to create a “profile of this person “I put them in a segment based on their interests and the likely cost of the business. This in turn improves social orientation Sprinklr ads, and over time, the data can be used in areas outside advertising.

“macro is what marketing and ad tech technologies have come together,” said Mansell. “A bridge between technology and marketing advertising technology is to control the audience – mostly resulting in customer data, and improving its social listening data, and then use it to effectively target the media and a better quality of customer care.”

Sprinklr Audience Manager

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Booshaka founder and CEO Eric Aubert said his entire 10-man team will join Booshaka Sprinklr.

Sprinklr recently raised $ 46 million round of funding, and what he said was the assessment of more than $ 1 billion. It is also active on the acquisition side, with eight transactions in less than two years, most recently the purchase NewBrand in June.

Mansell said it would follow the example of other acquisitions Sprinklr: “When we buy a company we basically rebuild the code. The main reason we do this is so that [the whole platform] is really a code.”

Booshaka investors include SV Angel, PivotNorth Capital, FF Angel, Palantir co-founder Joe Lonsdale and others.

Featured image: Sprinklr