This could only have been made to circumvent the rogue application developer, but when word broke that you can run your PS4 games on the PC using an unauthorized application, gamers around the world got a little excited.

The good news is that the president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida has written that the company is most definitely works to attract Remote Play not only on PCs but also Mac.

“Some people have asked if we are planning to provide remote play on the PC,” he wrote, “and yes, we do work on a formal statement for the PC / Mac.”


Since the PS4 launch Remote Play has been widely regarded as one of its best features, turning the often maligned PS Vita handheld into a portable console screen.

Sony took the same technology and brought it to certain Sony-branded devices Android. While some people may prefer to Sony, to open the Remote Play with all Android devices and IOS before switching it on PCs and Mac (though Sony says it will never happen), the fact that Sony has confirmed that the works on the official application is still considerable progress.

It is also more important, given Microsoft brought the game streaming Windows 10 devices with the latest Xbox one update.

There’s no word on the periods for new Remote Play application arrive on PC or Mac, unfortunately.

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