Caeden, a manufacturer of headphone and connected jewelry, bracelet triggers connected, which aims to help you relax when you need it most. Called Sona bracelet helps users to improve the mind and body in good health through monitoring activities.

Unlike the other Trackers activities like Jawbone or Misfit shoes, the emphasis is on general well-being rather than weight loss or steps. Sona monitors subtle changes in heart rate, so you know when you feel stressed and companion app to guide you through the design of breathing exercises and meditation program called Resonance, to help you slow down. It is also compatible with Apple, HealthKit.

The bracelet is made of genuine leather and metal with a thin design without filters. The look resembles a stylish Tory Burch Fitbit and is designed to compliment your wardrobe, as a fashion accessory.

As mentioned above, Sona comes with a much more detailed pulse sensor that can track heart rate variability (HRV), in contrast to the standard pulse rate. This allows you to collect information about your cardiovascular and nervous system, which can provide a better overall picture of your health.

Sona comes in two sizes – small / medium or medium-high – and comes in three colors – pink gold with white skin bronze with black leather and gold with black leather


You can get a bracelet at a price pre-order for $ 129 for a limited time. Sona end up costing $ 199

, co-founder Nora Levinson walked me through the product on a recent trip to the studio TechCrunch.