When social media became popular, its general concept of paradigm between people (sociology) and technology. Public conversations made by the involvement of external parties possible. Over time, the goal of social media has changed.

What sociology and how it relates to technology

Sociology is defined as “the science of human society.” In many, if not all cases, the roots of human, organizational skills and the development of society in terms of technology were key attributes in the field of sociology. The technology represents advances and information that plays an important role in helping the company to achieve its goals. Regardless of these objectives, the relationship is not always in the center of their implementation. In this day and age of advanced (and very difficult) technology, people seem to make the connection more easily and on a much wider scale. They interact in different ways, and in some cases the interaction is extremely creative. Of course, the bottom line is that it always comes down to human relations.

Sociology and human interaction

With a huge number of people who are involved now with social networking, it is very interesting to note how they affect each other in different ways. Human beings have to the network. This is one of the main sources of happiness and fulfillment, and the more they interact (at various levels), the more satisfied they feel. When people participate in social networks, there is no doubt that they are beginning to have a profound influence on each other and the discussions that come out of the networking experience often affects the decisions they make in life and in business. It is very important for people to recognize and appreciate how other people to influence them, and how much that enriches their experience. It has been proven that the conscious and subconscious behavior will increase dramatically when people are involved thorough social networks. Because people are emotionally dependent on each other, many people will share the qualities, both positive and negative.

The success or failure of sociology and technology

It is important to understand that if sociology and its relationship to technology fails, the fault lies with the people. The technology is created and maintained by people. If something goes wrong on the technical side, it is irrational to blame technology itself. The responsibility always lies with the people. On the other hand, the people, the ones who deserve the credit when things work well. For example, a huge number of friends on Facebook, or dozens of followers on Twitter, maintenance required to keep the interest of the Association. No matter how technologically advanced your social media channels is, without human intervention, progress is not possible.

The popularity of social media and the reasons for his

There is often that one wonders how social media has become so popular, and why so many people have shown such an interest in her. First of all, it is important to understand that human relationships are at the heart of success in social media. No way does this discount the importance of the technological aspect. Without technology, there would be no social media to start with. One of the biggest reasons for the success of social media is accessible to people with incredible speed. The interactivity of social media that belongs to human nature. Sociological characteristics of social media can be credited with its own progress. Effect of human beings to each other is part of the phenomenon that is inevitable. People make choices in life (and the same applies to their interaction through social media), largely due to the fact that other people do and say.

Connecting to a very personal level

No matter what type of business you have, without a relationship with other people, a part of your career, that includes sales not It will be different, at best, mediocre. So that everyone gets to the point of successfully selling their products and / or services, building trust and credibility. Interestingly, in many ways, social media brought people together at a level unlike any other before. Social media and interactions that people have through it makes a lot of different emotions, and to express the relationship to flourish because of the ease of interaction.


Sociology plays a huge role in the success of social media. The technology can be regarded as extremely difficult in a tool that makes things possible when it comes to social media, and human rights. As time goes on, these tools are changed and new methods are introduced. It is very important to take advantage of any technological advances offered, as long as they make sense for your business. The devotion of time and energy to work with new technology will pay off in business, one way or another.

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