Social Security is a series of related programs, each with its own set of rules and payment schedules. All programs have one thing in common, and this allowance is paid to a retired or disabled worker or workers dependent or surviving family, which is based on the average wage of workers, wages or self-employment.

This article is intended for training the qualification requirements of the social security system.


A person can choose to start receiving a pension as early as age 62. However, the amount of benefits is increasing for every year you wait until age 70 amount you retirement benefits It will be between 20% of your income, if the average payment was high, and 50% if compensated low. For 66-year-old single person in the first place, claiming a pension in 2009, the average monthly benefit of about $ 1,150.00 $ 1,900.00 for couples. The highest earners in the first place claiming their benefits in 2009 will receive approximately $ 2,300.00 per month, and $ 3,400.00 for a couple. These benefits increase every year with the cost of living.


If you are younger than full retirement age, but meets the requirements of the work and are considered disabled under the social security schemes of medical guidelines, you can receive disability benefits. The amount of those benefits will be determined equal to that retirement benefits will be.

Dependent Benefits

If you are married to a retired or disabled worker who qualifies for retirement Social Security or disability benefits you and your minor or disabled children may be eligible for benefits based on your spouse earning record. Married recipients must determine whether they will receive a large amount of a combination of one good and one dependent benefits or pension benefits of the two. The program allows a rewarded retired or dependent benefits, but not both.

Survivor Benefits

If you are the surviving spouse an employee who qualified for retirement or disability social security benefits, you and your minor or disabled children may be eligible for benefits based on your deceased spouses earning record.

Specific requirements vary in qualifying to get a pension, disability, dependents and the survivor, but the law is based on earnings during working years workers called loans.

Job loans.

All work on which social security taxes is reportedly considered to be covered by employment and work accumulates credits. Once you have accumulated enough work credits for his entire life, you, your spouse and any minor or disabled children can qualify for benefits. The amount of work credits you need to qualify for the specific programs will vary. Social Security Administration tracks the experience through social security taxes paid by the employer and you through your taxes FICA. The self-employed earn the benefits of reporting income and paying tax on the net profit. Although many people do not report income, resulting in the long run it is that unreported income will not be counted toward qualification for retirement or other social security benefits, and reduce the amount of benefits for those who qualify.

Social Security is not intended to cover all aspects of the medically needy or preserve financial services booking; it’s just a complement, some eligible persons are entitled too. If you would like more information about social security-related benefits such as Medicare, Medicaid, or any other programs, please visit our website , and leave your contact information and one of our licensed insurance agents will help you.