Social media and social networks are taking the Internet by storm. Social media is a great platform to interact with friends, family or make new friends and meet new people online. Social media sites are technologically Web interfaces offer content via short messaging service, e-mail or chat. Despite the growing popularity, social media is faced with threats of hacking.

Although people believe social media necessary to maintain relationships, it is a threat to security vulnerabilities. With social media consists of personal information, users should be very careful to provide confidential information to these sites. Although some well-known social networking sites, such as, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and Orkut, etc., are very popular, they also face threats to their users who are not paying attention to the safe practice of the Internet. It is best not to give the passwords very easily exchange can often be counterproductive too much information. It is advisable not to show their future travel plans on social media site, your profile view with malicious intentions may be planning to commit a burglary in your apartment!

Thus, privacy should be of paramount importance to the network. It is true that the social network provides the opportunity to develop interpersonal relationships, a need to be aware of possible security threats. Moreover, students often post detailed and specific information on Facebook, Odnoklassniki, MySpace and so on, they can be more easily traced strangers and even friends!

Often they violate school policies or the Code of Conduct by posting inappropriate photographs or information about their profiles on social networks, so that they are held accountable when school administrators to further explore this issue. In addition, another drawback is that students are often rejected job offers from employers for their information to learn about their students on social networking sites! Employers take these images depict the students on these sites is very serious because it represents a reflection of personal character!

Well, keeping aside the danger of communication in the network, it can be a good way to communicate with friends and relative, and make a connection to people with similar tastes, interests and goals! Thanks to social networking sites, because often people became personally responsible thing of the past. Thus, keep in touch with classmates, and colleagues is the main advantage of social networks!

This helps to stay in touch with other cultural programs, events listing, and other information related to the campus culture. What a great way to stay clear, and stay connected to your campus community as a whole! Most importantly, these sites offer students the opportunity to create a positive image of themselves.

And last but not least, if you want to stay safe online, assess your account profile and postings are not frequently.Do Post personal information, address or cell number. You can use and configure privacy settings in a way to control who has access to your personal information.

As stated, all as bright and dark side, we have to be careful in the use of social networks, constructive than destructive! So, enjoy, happy network!