We live in the era of technology today, websites such as Facebook and MySpace are very successful and popular sites to visit and join. Since the launch of MySpace in the last decade, a number of other social networks emerged and millions of people around the world rushed to their computers to go on a rampage. These social networking sites bind the world together as never before. The amount of time people spend on the web, surf the sites, is unprecedented. The objectives of these social networking sites are not clearly written on the pages of their entry, but it’s safe to assume the main purpose, according to the logic to tie people together around the world like never before.

However, these social networking giants set back social skills quite a bit, not knowing, of course. While the goal is to allow people to interact socially, these sites cause their members to become a zombie computer, wasting away countless hours in front of a computer monitor. With people spending a lot of time communicating through cyberspace, their personal social skills suffer. It’s much easier to talk to someone for messaging on your favorite social networking site than in person, where you have very little time to take things and react. People are relying too much on meeting people online these days, you do so, the old ways of the fashion, and it is in person. It is much easier to gain the confidence to talk to someone over the cyberspace to do it in public.

Why is it bad if people continue to communicate? Well, when one area of ​​social communication suffers, all areas to do the same. You will not only lose the skills to meet, interact and talk with someone in public, but the overall interaction and social skills suffer. So if you have an idea to speak in class, you can not feel comfortable speaking in front of their peers, because you’re not used to talking to people face to face. I do not blame the social networking sites for this unfortunate set back in social interaction. In fact, I believe that social networks with limited time spent online is vital for social skills today. We must learn to balance the time we spend on the site over time we spend interacting in the world, so that we can maintain a balanced social life. We must make sure we do not lose our humanity, becoming dependent on the software to communicate with each other. If we can learn how to balance it, we see a spark of confidence of people, because they will have the skills to go up to someone and interact freely without embarrassment. This, in turn, will cause the dating life and professional life of many people who suffer from social anxiety. When people are confident and have a good public social networks, we are happier society.