Social Health, along with the mental and physical health, is one of the key aspects that determine the overall well-being. The importance of social health has not been a big focus, when people talk about health. However, experts say that social well-being of the individual, just as important. Social health refers to the ability of an individual to thrive in the community and interact with other people, in the form of mental health. This includes the different elements of human character, personality and social skills. A healthy person should be able to function in society and reflect social norms. Social health can also refer to the general health of society, taking into account how people behave and relate to each other. A healthy society is also a requirement for the person to function socially. The existence of the governing law, the distribution of wealth, social capital and public access to the decision-making processes is one of the indicators of a healthy society.

According to studies and research, social interactions play an important role in improving the mental and physical health. It is not enough that a person carries out every day, eating a balance diet and going to some resort to relax. Healthy people also talk to people around him to form different kinds of relationships. A healthy person is able to keep the friendship, proximity or other personal relationships. The relationship between the man and the people around them provides a positive attitude to life and makes it easier to cope with stress. That’s why a healthy person knows what to call my friends and ask for some advice if necessary. Popular studies also show that a person overcomes illness better when surrounded by a support group for families and friends. Isolation, on the other hand can lead to mental illness. A person who is already suffering from depression, needs people to understand what they are going through and help them recover. Being alone only exacerbates the condition.

This is just a few reasons why social health are increasingly recognized as an important determinant of their overall health. Health includes a healthy social relationships for a full mental health.