Because there is a gadget for everyone, do not let the kingdom of fragrance dispensers be ignored.

Pura Smells, Kickstarter campaign starts today, is looking to lead the pack with a smart sprayer. Think Glade plug-ins, but controlled by the application on your smartphone.

Pura Odor has two fragrance bottles, allowing users to customize which flavors should be released at different times during the day. Along with the established timetable for the release of the fragrance, users can also time the dispenser based on geolocation, on the commute home.

The company plans to raise $ 50,000 in campaign pre-order and get feedback from the community, with the promised ship date of spring 2016

Pura Odor launches with 15 different flavors, including amber / brown sugar / coconut combo, vanilla / espresso / cinnamon combo and linen / aroma of roses. Each month, the company will introduce new flavors and recommend those for users based on their past purchases.

The device is connected via Wi-Fi connection for your smartphone (the application is available on both iOS and Android), and doubles as a night light with changeable color LED lights, which can also be scheduled.

The device will cost $ 79.99 and new fragrance bottles (which last month each) will go to $ 3.99. Kickstarter Early Bird price of $ 39