If you bang up to date with the processor and the operating system of your PC – in other words, if you are running processor with Skylake from Windows 10 -., then you will be pleased to hear that Speed ​​SHIFT Intel technology will soon make a difference in your computer’s

So what exactly Speed ​​Shift? It’s part of the performance improvement Intel, realized with Skylake, and literally allows the processor to switch gears between clock speeds much more quickly as the processor itself makes the transition, rather than the operating system.

Processor Skylake can “more quickly select your best operating frequency and voltage for optimum performance and energy efficiency,” in the words of Intel, and the company claims “dramatically faster response” when it comes to single-threaded short duration of workloads, for example a simple web-browser must be much more than an instant,

On the software side, the operating system must support this technology, but the good news is that it is suitable to Windows 10 in a new patch soon. In fact, Microsoft says news that the opportunity may also come in a major upgrade, which lands on Windows 10, tomorrow – it seems a good bet

Let’s hope so, and while it is unlikely reboot the computer, Intel. Technology, of course, seems to provide a good push on some fronts.

Anandtech has been busy testing it with the nucleus i7-6600U and found some pretty impressive results with jumps Speed ​​Shift on, in particular, to address problems such as messing with photos like Picasa (in the border of the browser Microsoft).

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