• show hidden .htaccess file cpanel Do this thing:
    In the cPanel File section, click the File Manager icon. A new window will pop up. If you do not see a pop-up box, try to click the icon instead of the old file manager.
  • Select Show hidden files (dot files) box.
  • Click Start.

By default, when you use File Manager cPanel, it does not show hidden files. Hidden files are a starting point, such as any files .htaccess file. This file is actually a public document editing, so if you want to use your file manager to edit the file, you need to make sure you choose the option to show hidden files.

In order to “Show hidden files” option, you must be logged into your cPanel and navigate to File> File Manager. Just make sure you have selected the “Show hidden files” and then click “Go.” For your convenience, please refer to the following figure:


If the window does not pop up, but you only need to enter your file manager, can not see hidden files, this is the most likely reason is that the pop-up window, the fact that at some point disabled. To enable it again, click on the “Reset all Interface Settings” to open your file manager once again at the bottom of the main screen of your cPanel and tried.