Ever needed to jack all this Earth nonsense in and are living in place as a substitute? You&aposre not alone. Over the last 12 months or so, about 200,000 persons have registered to develop into citizens of Asgardia, a self-proclaimed &aposspace nation&apos.

The plan is the brainchild of Igor Ashurbeyli, a Russian businessman and scientist who would seem to have both money and time on his hands. When he declared the founding of the nation, last August, the push was understandably skeptical that any part of the undertaking would at any time get off the ground – not minimum because it&aposs prohibited underneath international law.

But that hasn&apost stopped Ashurbeyli, who&aposs now declared that Asgardia will be launching its initial satellite in August. Don&apost get as well fired up though – it&aposs a CubeSat, measuring just 10x10x20cm and weighing 2.8kg, and it&aposll carry nothing but data.

What data? Perfectly, that&aposs up to the Asgardians. The initial one hundred,000 persons to indicator up will be capable to retail store 300KB. The upcoming 400,000 will get 200KB, and a further million will be supplied 100KB.

New place period

“Sixty decades soon after the start of the initial at any time synthetic satellite, Sputnik, our very own place satellite, Asgardia-1 will mark the commencing of a new place period, having our citizens into place in virtual form, at initial,” claimed Ashurbeyli.

“Asgardia-1 will incorporate data saved for totally free for up to 1.five million Asgardians on board the satellite. These are historic times, and your names and data will for good remain in the memory of the new place humanity, as they will be reinstalled on just about every new Asgardia satellite we start.”

The satellite, Ashurbeyli states, will comprise the nation alone – complete with its very own constitution, flag and other symbols of nationhood. The constitution will go up for voting for citizens on the undertaking&aposs web-site, asgardia.place, right now.

“Asgardia-1 is our initial, smaller move which we hope will guide to a large leap ahead for mankind,” claimed Ashurbeyli.

“It will be our basis stone, from which we will seem to make a network of satellites that will assist guard our planet against asteroids, solar flares, person-built place debris, and other place hazards.”

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